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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy’s Snicker Salad

From the Kitchen of Judy Barnes 9/12/10

6-12 apples (I like to get red ones & green ones if they're at a descent price)

3 oz pkg (for 6 apples...or 2 3-oz pkgs for more apples) vanilla instant pudding

8 oz (or more for more than 6 apples) cool whip
Snickers candy bars (I usually use one pkg of those little ones per 6 apples).

Cut up Snickers in bitesize pieces.  Cut up apples same.  Sprinkle pudding over apples.  Add Snickers.  Add cool whip.  That's it!  I usually cut up the Snickers b4 the apples, as the apples brown rather quickly. 

I have used the bigger Snickers b4, but don't think there's as much surface chocolate on them as there is on the little ones, and I like more chocolate.  So you see, you can really just do whatever you want....   enjoy....   mom

TL's Notes: The reason you want more chocolate per snicker bite, is that if the chocolate is not there, it has a tendency to “dissolve” the nougat and caramel into the salad. The chocolate seems to keep the Snicker bite “intact”. We’ve also found that putting the Snickers in the fridge for a while before cutting them really helps!

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  1. Thank You!! I thought I had this recipe. I guess thank you for sharing it!! It will be much better the next time I make it. Hehe